PL-01 Plumb Laser


Upward measurement accuracy 1/45000
Downward measurement accuracy 1/2000
Bubble accuracy 20·12mm
Image Erect
Magnification 25X
Field of view 1°50′
Effective Aperture 36mm
Minimum focus distance 0.8m
Laser Plummet
Focus range 0.5m
Laser diodes 635nm
Laser Classes II
Output power ≥1mw(adjustable)
Working condition
Battery 2X1.5V AAAlkaline battery or rechargeable battery
Working temperature -10°C~+45°C
Net weight 2.8kg
Vertical laser
Wave length 635nm
Laser diode 5mw
Visible from eyepiece 70m
Laser range Day≥120m Night ≥250m
Laser spot size ≤3mm/50m
Accuracy ≤5″


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