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Mookodi the rainbow. After every storm a rainbow will appear. Covid 19 is the biggest storm to have negatively effective all economies across the globe. It did however create the opportunity for women to step forward as leaders in the survey industry in South Africa. As women we are up for challenges the survey industry offer and we will provide cost effective and quality service to our clients. Offering only solutions with latest technology as well as qualified surveyors of all genders, yet empowering women and youth .

Mookodi is one of the first Black owned and managed survey companies in South Africa.

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Cheaper could be better

Cheaper could be better

Why do Survey companies spend large amounts of money on overpriced equipment.? Why are the industry not more open to affordable and less known brands of equipment, that does exactly the same work as the overpriced and over taxed ones? Why are we so scared to say NO !!...

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General Sales of Survey Equipment and Accessories

General Sales of Survey Equipment and Accessories

Unexpectedly covid19 has ripped through an already fragile economy in South Africa, leaving most business financially devastated. Early 2019 Mookodi visited China and were we met with Denzell Lee from Sanding.  Sanding has the same vision as Mookodi Surveys Solutions....

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What is 3D scanning?

What is 3D scanning?

What is 3D scanning? How does it work? How to apply it? A 3D laser scanner is on an active scanner that uses laser light to probe a subject at the heart of this scanner is a laser Range finder finds the distance of a surface by timing the Rand trip of a pulse of...

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