Automatic level AL 100


  • Magnetically dampened wire-hung compensator for ideal range and accuracy
  • Stable imaging performance
  • Smooth rotation horizontal knobs on both sides
  • Endless horizontal fine motion drive
  • Prism bubble reflect mirror for easy level
  • Excellent sealed structure for all-weather condition
  • 5/8″ X11 thread fits standaird tripod center
  • Plate suit for both flat and dome head of tripod
  • water and dust proof IP54
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Technical Parameters Al24 Al28 Al32
Telescope Magnification 24x 28x 32x
Standard Deviation for 1 km Double-run Leveling 2.5mm 2mm 1.5mm
Telescope Image Erect
Effective Aperture Size of Object Lens 30mm
Field of View 1°20
Shortest Sighting Distance O.55m
Stadia Multiplication 100
Addition Constants 0
Compensator Type Magnetic-damping
Compensator Working range ±15′
Leveling Accuracy ±0.3″
Accuracy of Circular level ±8’/2mm
Horizontal Circle 360°or 400Gon optional
Instrument Size 200mmx 132mmx 130mm
Net. Weight 1.3kg
Standard Accessories Adjusting Pin, Hex key, Desiccating
Agent. Plastic Carry Case, Plumb Bob,
User Manual


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