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We provide a large variety of survey services in all areas in the industry making us the most versatile survey company in South Africa.

About Our Company

We provide a large variety of survey services in all areas in the industry making us the most versatile survey company in South Africa as well as one of the few women owned companies. Our surveyors all well qualified and are backed by the latest in survey technology, while keeping it cost effective.

The company was established in 2009  Mr Zuma who recognized the need in the market for an objective service in survey by resolving survey disputes and assist in both the construction and mining industries by developing various measurement and quantity checking methods. Since 2006 the company has grown to one of the most versatile service delivery companies entertaining a large variety of construction and mining clients. This year after covid 19 has struck, Mrs Joe Gadinabokao bought Zuma surveys and revamped it to Mokoodi Survey Solutions cc. Creating the first black owned and managed survey company of its kind in South Africa. Mookodi will  offer a service using the latest technology supplied by our international stakeholders. Mokoodi has been selected as representatives in Africa for Sanding Technologies leaders in Survey equipment development. This will allow us to provide cost effective  equipment to smaller BEE Companies helping the to cerate contributors to South African economy. We also supply  specialized skilled surveyors for the mining and civil industries. We are constantly also using expert in the field of survey to assist us in solving survey problems for  our broad based clients.

Our Vision

To grow continuously in an ever-changing environment providing accurate service and changing survey theories into reality and providing Survey Solutions to the industry. We also by our various educational programs, we want to educate and empower women in the survey industry.

Our Mission

After covid 19 my vision and attitude in life  has changed. I believe now that after a storm a Rainbow will appear.

My Mission for Mookodi Survey Solutions as one of the first Black Women owned survey companies in the industry. Is to better services to our clients. This can be done when we look at cost effectiveness of service as well as quality of work. My believe is that the survey industry are not gender based and we should all encourage not only young women to enter this intriguing industry, but also younger upcoming survey men from all race and creed yet keeping it Proudly South Africans.

The future belongs to the youth. We are their custodians and in Africa it takes a village to educate and raise younger generations. “ Mokkodi “the Rainbow.

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