M LR-06R/06RH/06G Rotary Laser


Model MLR-06R MLR-06RH MLR-06G
Light source Red beam Green beam
Accuracy horizontal ±20″(±3mm/30m)
Accuracy vertical ±20″(±3mm/30m)
Accuracy Down point Diode ±1mm/1.5m
Automatic self-leveling range ±5°
Slope range ±10.0% (Digital)
Laser source 635nmm laser Diode 532nm laser Diode
Classification II (<1mw)
Operational range 500m dia . (with detector)
Rotational head speed 60,120,300,600,R.P.M
Approximate scan angles 10°, 45 °, 90°, 180°
IR Remote control Available remote distance:20m
Operation temperature – 10°C ~ 50°C 0°C ~ 50°C
Power supply DC4.8-6V(4Section of Nl-MH batteries or 4 section of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries)
Continuous working time 20hours 10 hours
Waterproof and dust proof Ip54
Dimension 160 ( L) x 160 (W) x 185 ( H) mm
Weight 2.0kg(w/batteries)


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