Laser Electronic Theodolite DEL-2R I DEL-2G


  • High energy red/green beam laser pointer
  • Suitable for working in dark environment
  • Laser line coaxial and confocal with telescope
  • DEL-2R equipped with Red laser pointer
  • DEL-2G equipped with Green laser pointer
  • Eyepiece filter provided for eye protection
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Model DE-2R/DEL-2G
Telescope Imaging Erect image
Magnification 30X
Objective Aperture 45mm (1.7in)
Resolution 3″
Field of View 1°30′
Minimum Focusing Distance 1.35m (4.43ft)
Stadia multiplication factor/ Constant 100/0
Length 155mm
Angle Measurement Measurement Type Absolute Code
Display Dual backlit LED
Display Resolution 1″/S”/10″
Precision 2″ or S”
Circle Diameter 79mm
Display units 360°,400gon,6400mil
Vertical Compensator Working Range ±3′
Optical Plummet(Optional) Magnification 3x
Field of View
Focusing Range O.5m-∝
Laser Pointer and Laser Plummet Laser Range 180m/250m
Wave Length Red 635nm/Green 520nm
Power SmW
Laser Spot Diameter 2mm/100m
Bubble Level Cylinder Bubble 30″/2mm
Circular Bubble 8’/2mm
Environmental conditions Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Power Rechargeable Battery Li-ion 7.4V 1650mAH
Weight Weight including battery and tribrach 4.8kg


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