DT Series Electornic Theodolite


  • Special design:single horizontal spindle with cross telescope. New Design concept.combines higher precision.better stability and shock resistance ability.
  • Absolute angle encoder system. Able to read angle date without passing “O”, lets angle measurement be more simple and convenient.
  • Large english display.adopt backlight technology.able to display horizontal and vertical angle at the same time, able to be used in different conditions.
  • Superior water and dust Rating. Maintains good performance even in bad conditions.


Model DT-01 2″ DT-02 2″
Image Erect
Magnification 30X
Objective aperture 45mm
Field Of view 1°30′
Minium Foucs distance 1.0m
Stadia ratio 100
Angle Measurment
Resolution 3•
Angle measure mode Absolute enconding
Minimum reading 1″,5″
Accuracy 2″ 2″
Angle units DEG/MIL/GON
Display LCD Double sides
Inclination Auto vertical compensation
Compensation range ±3′
Point way Laser plummet or optical for option
Precision of plate vial 30″/2mm
Precision of circular leve 8’/2mm
Working temperature -20°C-50°C
Battery 3.7V Rechargeable lithium battery
Weight 5kg
Accessory Rechargeable battery,Charger,Manual,Plastic case.


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