RC-30 Laser Level


Model RC-3D Red RC-3D Green RC-3D Crystal Green
Wave length 660nm-635nm 520nm-515nm 532nm-
Receive distance < 25M < 20M < 25M
Working distance > Radius 7M
Working temperature – 10° ~ 50°C – 10° ~ 50°C 0° ~ 40°C
Working environment Indoor and out door
Auto level range ±3″
Horizontal accuracy 5m/±lmm
Vertical accuracy 5m/±lmm
Perpendicular accuracy 3m/±lmm
Power and working time 4 x (AA LR6 l.5V) 4h; 3.7V/3600MAH Li-ion 8h;
DC4.2V/l.5A power adapter, Continous use
Screw adapter 5/8″ and 1/4″
Weight 0.71kg
Accessory Charger,18650 Li-ion battery; hard carry case


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