A survey gyro is an instrument composed of a gyroscope that is mounted on a total station the gyroscope determines the orientation of true north. It is the main instrument for orientation in mine survey and tunnel engineering where astronomical star sight is not visible and GPS does not work. The gyroscope has a spindle (spindle wheel) disc in which axes rotations is free to assume any orientation by itself.

In 1921 the first gyro was built by Max Schuller and was named true to its ancient Greek name “circle to look, but was al.so referred to 1949 as “Mediterranean pointer” during this era at the Thiodlite was used in instead a Total stadium like today with modern technology.

Gyro Survey was introduced into mining in 1953. This gyroscopic Survey is a highly specialised Survey and the Surveyor needs to be extremely accurate with timing. We at Mookodi Survey has once again perfected this service by involving expect from Germany and South Africa to train our team.


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