• What is 3D scanning?
  • How does it work?
  • How to apply it?

A 3D laser scanner is on an active scanner that uses laser light to probe a subject at the heart of this scanner is a laser Range finder finds the distance of a surface by timing the Rand trip of a pulse of light. A laser is used to emit a pulse of light before a reflected light is been by a deducted measure.

Speed of light is known C is known and the Rand trip time determines the travel distance of light which is twice the distance between scanner and surface is rand trip time the distance this equal to C (speed light) I e t C/2.

The laser range finder only detects the distance of one point in its direction of view this means the scanner at a time by change range finders direction.

Mookodi uses our scanner in the security of scanning dangerous opposes underground we have protected an extremely successful system.

Vertical development shaft for the position of cables and steel and also for maintenance on vertical shalt especially in a shaft the 3D scanner can determine and scan underneath the quitter cement layers for cracks or steel fractures connected to shaft lift etc. We also use it to determine accurate volumes especially with shaft creating by doing pre and put scan, time, and energy cost as well as less impact on excessive conce residue as the bottom of hot.

3D scanning is a transformative technology and we are proud to say many companies have tried to successfully scan opposes put energy but no yet to prove its effective us Mookodi 3D or scanning methods.

We also use 3D scanning and Lido tech for open pit mining and many surface applications.



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