DZ-TL QL) Series Aluminum Prism Pole

  • With 5/8″ copper or Lei ca or adjustable adapter for option.
  • Quick lock system(QL) or Twist lock(TL) system for option.
  • 20minute level vials.
  • With carry bag,inner box for option.
  • L: Leica; S: 5/8″;A: Adjustable adapter.
  • Model No.:DZ-25TL(QL) 2.5m x 2Section Diameter 36/30mm
    DZ-28TL(QL) 2.8m x 2Section Diameter 36/30mm
    DZ-36TL(QL) 3.6m x 3Section Diameter 36/30/25mm
    DZ-46TL(QL) 4.6m x 4Section Diameter 36/30/25/1 Bmm
    DZ-52TL(QL) 5.2m x 4Section Diameter 36/30/25/1 Bmm


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