Distance Laser


Model D Series MD Series M Series E Series ME Series
Maximum reading 40/60/80/100m 40/60/80/100m 40/60/80/100m 40/60/80/100m 40/60/80/100m
Minimum reading 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m 0.05m
Accuracy ±2.0mm ±2.0mm ±2.0mm ±2.0mm ±2.0mm
Distance unit m,ft,in m,ft,in m,ft,in m,ft,in m,ft,in
Area unit m², ft² m², ft², in² m², ft², in² m², ft², in² m², ft², in²
Angel Pythagorean theorem NO NO NO YES YES
Laser wavelength 620-690nm 620-690nm 620-690nm 620-690nm 620-690nm
Laser auto off 30s 30s 30s 30s 30s
Auto switch of 180s 180s 180s 180s 180s
Single measurement time 0.25s/Time 0.25s/Time 0.25s/Time 0.25s/Time 0.25s/Time
Working temperature 0~+40°C 0~+40°C 0~+40°C 0~+40°C 0~+40°C
Storage temperature -20~+65°C -20~+65°C -20~+65°C -20~+65°C -20~+65°C
Historical data record 20 Groups 20 Groups 20 Groups 99 Groups 99 Groups
Battery type Alkaline 2×1 .5V Alkaline 2×1 .5V Alkaline 2×1 .5V Alkaline 2×1 .5V Alkaline 2×1 .5V
Battery measurable times >5000 >5000 >5000 >5000 >5000
Weight 65g 72g 91g 82g 94g
Size 110x40x25mm 110x46x25mm 117x53x27mm 115x50x23mm 117x53x27mm


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