ATP10-A/B/C Elevator Tripod

  • 1.2/1.5 Meter light weight elevator tripod with 5/8″x11 thread.
  • Extended/Closed length: 1200/1500mm-590/610mm
  • Elevating length: 290mm,Weight: 1.3kg/1.5kg
  • Quick clamp for tripod legs.
  • Model No.: ATP1 OA-1 1.2m with big round head
    ATP1 OA-2 1.5m with big round head
    ATP108-1 1.2m with black head
    ATP108-2 1.5m with black head
    ATP1 OC-1 1.2m with 1 /4″ adapter
    ATP1 OC-2 1.5m with 1 /4″ adapter


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