Unexpectedly covid19 has ripped through an already fragile economy in South Africa, leaving most business financially devastated.

Early 2019 Mookodi visited China and were we met with Denzell Lee from Sanding.  Sanding has the same vision as Mookodi Surveys Solutions.  Making survey equipment more affordable and durable while simple to use. Together we have created a special catalogue for small economy BEE companies. Now more survey companies will have the opportunity to afford new equipment at reasonable prices, lowering cost of projects.  This will also increase job opportunities because more independent companies will be created to become part of our active growing economy.

The product catalogue are over 400 products. The Total Stations that we have selected for Africa are ARC7/ Arc3 /AR6 /as well as a GPS system The T66.

The specifications of these machines are in the catalogue just click on it should you have any enquiries.

 Contact us for a demo. …… Sanding will leave you breathless.!


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