Why do Survey companies spend large amounts of money on overpriced equipment.? Why are the industry not more open to affordable and less known brands of equipment, that does exactly the same work as the overpriced and over taxed ones?

Why are we so scared to say NO !! too the expensive brands when we are supposed to know that all equipment is supposed to be an aid. An object to lighten the task and to assist the qualified surveyor in working faster and accurate. 

In our industry we are becoming machine operators (technicians) . We rely on expensive robotic machines. We invest tons of money in the latest and greatest of equipment yet we forget that we have a greater obligation and that is to invest money back in to our communities. It’s our responsibility to place the knowledge back in to human hands. We need to get our surveyors and potential student up to date with understanding the basics of the job.

After covid 19 most companies has suffered and the job markets are flooded with people wanting work yet, we streamline by cutting job opportunities and education opportunities for the younger generation indirectly by buying overpriced brand name equipment.

 Here at Mokoodi we have seen this first hand and we are all about education and empowering young people and saving jobs as well as creating job opportunities. We therefore went on a shopping venture and partnered up with Sanding in China. 

Most of you will” crunch” at this idea, but not all imported products are made to break. Trust us we have tested a few companies and we glad to say that Sanding really produce good quality products. 

Their products are reliable and cost effective and servicing the product is also not a problem as most workshops in SA will assist and are approved .Sanding also gives a year valid calibration certificate and guarantee their product. They have a what’s up information and assistance line 24/7.

The up side is that most insurance companies support the idea of a more affordable option of Survey equipment in the industry as it will not cost an “arm and a leg “to replace should it be damaged lost or stolen, but the monthly premium is also more affordable. 

Sanding’s Arc range Total Stations also has the approval of several P.I Insurance groups. Sadly, a of Brand name companies does tend to tell or ‘sell the idea “that a certain Brand name are better in obtaining PI Insurance as the Survey Equipment used by insured company do not make mistakes due its android functions. 

We leave you with this last thought. The Surveyor must always be better than the equipment he uses and must be able to calc by hand confirm the equipment is in check.

Let’s make survey affordable again!!!!!


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